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Billie's Black Bar/Lounge/Restaurant

Billie’s Black Bar Lounge is the quintessential soul-food spot in Harlem. The fender in the far corner plays a mash-up of hardcore rap, neo-soul, and old-school. The bar seats four and fills up quickly, so grab a wooden chair at one of the cafeteria-style tables to enjoy slam poetry or a scheduled performance. If you’re looking for more privacy, there are several high tables that seat two.

Billie’s serves a full menu alongside specialty cocktails like the Billie's Kiss (Tanqueray and Peach Schnapps) or the Black Heifer (Bailey’s and Amaretto). — Courtney Willis

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Sunday 12:00am-8pm, Monday-Thursday 11:00am– 12:00, Friday and Saturday 11:00am to 4:00am

Calendar of Events
Jan 1 - Dec 31Billie's Black: Everyday Happy Hour!
Nov 25 - Dec 23All-Star Karaoke with Patrick L. Riley
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Billie's Black Bar/Lounge/Restaurant

271 West 119th Street
bet. Frederick Douglass Blvd & St Nicholas Ave
New York, NY
212-280-2248 phone

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