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Riverside Church

Located on the Upper West Side, on the edge of the Morningside and Harlem communities of New York City, the edifice is modeled after the 13th Century gothic cathedral in Chartres, France. Its gothic tower stands as a beacon to the world and continues to bring people with very different perspectives together.

The Church seeks to be a community of faith. Its members are united in the worship of God known in Jesus, the Christ, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The mission of the Church is to serve God through word and witness; to treat all human beings as sisters and brothers; and to foster responsible stewardship of all God’s creation.

The Church commits itself to welcoming all persons, celebrating the diversity found in a congregation broadly inclusive of persons from different backgrounds of race, economic class, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, age and sexual orientation. Members are called to an individual and collective quality of life that leads to personal, spiritual and social transformation, witnessing to God’s saving purposes for all creation. Therefore, the Church pledges itself to education, reflection, and action for peace and justice and the realization of the vision of the heavenly banquet where all are loved and blessed.

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Sunday: (live webcast)
8:15 am - Morning Light Gathering
10:45 am - Service of Worship
7:00 pm - Creating A Space for Grace
Assembly Hall
6:00 pm - Prayer & Meditation
Christ Chapel

Visitor Information

Riverside Church

490 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10027
212-870-6700 phone

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Public Transportation
Directions by Subway Take the #1 IRT Broadway Local to 116th Street. Walk north along Broadway (passing Barnard College on the left) to 120th Street (Reinhold Niebuhr Place). Turn left and walk one block to (Claremont Avenue). 91 Claremont is one half block north of 120th Street on the left hand side of the street. If the IRT Broadway Express (#2 or #3 IRT) is taken uptown from midtown Manhattan, be sure to change at 96th street for the local train. Directions by Bus Take the M-104, M-4 or M-5 to 120th or 122nd Street. Directions by Bus Take the M-104, M-4 or M-5 to 120th or 122nd Street.

Directions & Parking
HENRY HUDSON PARKWAY NORTHBOUND—take the 95th Street Exit, turn left (continuing north) on Riverside Drive. The church is located at 120th Street. HENRY HUDSON PARKWAY SOUTHBOUND—take the 125th Street Exit. Drive straight to 125th Street. Turn left onto 125th Street. Take 125th Street to Broadway. (You’ll see the elevated train tracks at Broadway.) Turn right onto Broadway and go to 120th Street (Reinhold Niebuhr) and turn right. The church is one block west of Broadway. TRIBOROUGH BRIDGE TO MANHATTAN—Take 125th Street Exit. Take 125th Street to Broadway. Turn left on Broadway, drive to 120th Street (Reinhold Niebuhr). Turn right. The church is one block west of Broadway. The Claremont Avenue Garage is operated by Rapid Park Inc., 212.866.1000, and is open to the public during the following hours:

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