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National Black Theatre

An historic institute for African-American dramatic arts, the National Black Theatre enriches the heart of Harlem. Located on the dividing line between East and West Harlem, NBT was founded in 1968 by Dr. Barbara Ann Teer, thereby becoming the country's first revenue-generating black theater arts complex. The 64,000 square foot interior, rich with colorful African artwork and decor, bursts with warmth and a deep sense of cultural pride. NBT's spaces host all manner of performances--musical and dramatic--as well as lectures, workshops and dance classes. The splendid Liberation Temple on the third floor is an octagonal-shaped room with an intimate feel and seats 272. (The Temple is accompanied by a cozy reception area with ample amenities.) The smaller Performing Space on the second floor is a charmingly ramshackle 140-seat theater with an elevated stage and excellent visibility.

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National Black Theatre

2031-33 Fifth Avenue
Cross Street: 125th Street and 126 Street
New York, NY 10035
212-722-3800 phone

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