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Malcolm Shabazz Mosque (Former Mosque No.7)

Services lead by Imam El Hajji Izak-El Mu'eed Pasha

Though currently lacking the "weathervane"-like crescent and star that formerly crowned its peak, the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque, by architect Sabbath Brown, 1965 remains no less exuberant. Working with basic commercial materials and traditional Islamic forms, Brown's conversion of the former Lenox Casino is in ways both simple and radical. The brash facade captures in a complex and contradictory manner the mosque's kindred desire to promote a physical and spiritual presence in Harlem that would rival neighboring Christian edifices for the souls of Black folks following the death of Malcolm X.

This historic Malcolm Shabazz Mosque is now under new management and is not the Official Nation of Islam headquarters in New York City.

The official New York Headquarters, Muhammad Mosque No.7 of the Nation of Islam has relocated since and is now located at the following address. Muhammad Mosque No.7 106 West 127th Street Harlem, New York 10027 Bet. Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. and Malcolm X Blvd. 212-865-1200 www.Mosque7.org

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Malcolm Shabazz Mosque (Former Mosque No.7)

W. 116th Street
at the confluence of Malcolm X Blvd. and St. Nicholas Avenue
New York, NY 10026

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