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369th Regiment Armory - The Harlem Armory

Located in the heart of the community at 142nd and Fifth Avenue, the Harlem Armory was built in 1933 for the 369th Regiment because of their outstanding military valor. Known as the "Harlem Hellfighters," the unit owns a special place in American history. During World War I, the 369th Regiment was the first Black Regiment to fight World War I, although under French command due to American segregation policies

The Fifth Avenue Armory was constructed between the years of 1920-1930. It was designed by Tachau & Vought.

The 369th Regiment Armory is located on the west side of Fifth Avenue between 142nd and 143rd Streets in Harlem (Manhattan).

The historic armory structure consists of an Art Deco style administration building (1930-33; designed by Van Wart & Wein) and a medieval-inspired drill shed (1920-24; designed by Tachau & Vought). Both sections are constructed of brick; the administration building is embellished with prominent terra cotta parapets. Fenestration is slightly irregular; the administration building features metal casement windows (which occur singly or in pairs or triplets) and the drill shed features nine-over-nine double-hung sash. Simple brick trim embellishes most window openings throughout both sections of the armory.

Information on the 369th Armory Museum

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369th Regiment Armory - The Harlem Armory

2366 Fifth Avenue
Between 142nd and 143rd Sts
New York, NY 10037
212-281-5431 phone
212-281-3318 TTY

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