U.S. Theatrical Premiere Run of " One October " Starts Today at Maysles Cinema

Posted May 11, 2018

Maysles Cinema is proud to present the theatrical premiere run of ONE OCTOBER, a powerful new documentary from director Rachel Shuman and executive producer Edward Norton, beginning today through Thursday, May 17th. As part of programming celebrating the Harlem cinematic institution's 10 year anniversary, the film is a heartfelt look at New York City on the eve of Obama's reelection in October 2008, and the incredible cross-section of people that inhabit the five boroughs.

ONE OCTOBER, which had its World Premiere at the 2017 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival,  is a lyrical time capsule that captures the heart and spirit of New York. Filmed entirely in October of 2008, the film profiles a time when gentrification is rapidly displacing the working and middle classes, Wall Street is plummeting, and then-Senator Barack Obama is making his first presidential bid. Released now, ten years after filming, the film foreshadows the roiling political upheaval spreading across the country today in 2018.  

Directed by Rachel Shuman and executive produced by three-time Academy Award® nominee Edward Norton ("Primal Fear," "American History X" and "Birdman"), this captivating feature documentary chronicles intrepid radio host Clay Pigeon as he talks to a beautifully diverse cross-section of people throughout the city, exploring a microcosm of themes and issues including race, religion, economics, politics and culture. Pigeon is the antithesis of today's cable news hosts, with his man-on-the-street style interviews, offering an authentic, warm-hearted and more humanitarian approach to journalism.

Several scenes in ONE OCTOBER were filmed in Harlem, making Maysles the perfect venue to host a week-long theatrical release of the film, which will also feature post-screening Q&As from the filmmakers and New York identities. The film will screen alongside the short documentary THE MONOLITH, directed by Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr., about pioneering NYC artist Gwyneth Leech.

"I wanted to make a film in response to the homogenization and hyper gentrification of neighborhoods in New York City and chose to set it in October 2008, a tumultuous moment when the housing market collapse was becoming a worldwide economic crisis and much of the country was swept up in Obama's presidential campaign," said ONE OCTOBER director Rachel Shuman. "In retrospect, almost exactly a decade later now, I am releasing the film in another period of change in our country, and I hope that it will present a story of diversity and resiliency that unites people."

"Like E.B. White's classic Here is New York, ONE OCTOBER captures the complexity of our culture at a moment in time and distills the zeitgeist of optimism and hope surrounding the election of Barack Obama. Viewed today, it's especially poignant and inspiring," said executive producer Edward Norton.

Pigeon's encounters interweave with observational passages that poignantly reveal urbanist and author Jane Jacobs's (The Death and Life of Great American Cities) idea of the "ballet of the good city sidewalk": rollerskaters wind their way through Central Park, city dwellers seek blessings for a motley group of pets on St. Francis Day, observant Jews toss breadcrumbs into the Hudson River on Rosh Hashanah, and Muslims mark the end of their Ramadan fast with Eid al-Fitr prayers and expressions of forgiveness. Amid these celebrations of daily life we see the shifting landscape of the city: big-box stores and mega-chains rapidly replace independent businesses, giant glass buildings are erected where flea markets once stood, and luxury condos loom over small brick tenements.

Nuanced, cinematic and often humorous, ONE OCTOBER charts the chasm between one's desires and one's means, explores the urgent need to conserve the old amid the glorification of the new, and affirms the notion that a varied streetscape is essential to the health of a dynamic metropolis.

ONE OCTOBER will also be released nationally on VOD on May 11 via Passion River Films on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Microsoft XBOX and other digital platforms. The film will also screen nationwide in select cities. For more information on ONE OCTOBER and a full list of upcoming screenings, visit: http://oneoctoberfilm.com/.

Friday, May 11th: Screening followed by special "behind the scenes" interview with featured character Clay Pigeon and a Q&A with directors Rachel Shuman and Monolith artist Gwyneth Leech

Saturday, May 12th: Q&A with Director Rachel Shuman and featured character Clay Pigeon

Sunday, May 13th: Q&A with Director Rachel Shuman and cinematographers David Sampliner (One October) and Andy Bowley (The Monolith)

Tuesday, May 15th: Editing panel with Director-Editor Rachel Shuman and Monolith editor Rosie Walunas

Wednesday, May 16: Panel discussion about hyper-gentrification in New York City with Michael Henry Adams, author of "Harlem Lost and Found", and Nellie Hester Bailey, co-founder of the Harlem Tenants Council.

Thursday, May 17: Screening followed by special "behind the scenes" interview with featured character Clay Pigeon and a Q&A with Director Rachel Shuman and Monolith artist Gwyneth Leech

ABOUT RACHEL SHUMAN (One October - Director, Editor, Producer)
Rachel Shuman is a documentary filmmaker and editor who has worked in New York City for 20 years. Her directorial debut NEGOTIATIONS premiered at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival. She co-directed ART, ARCHITECTURE AND INNOVATION: CELEBRATING THE GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM which aired on PBS and is now on view at the museum. Her editing credits include WALLACE (Class 5 Films), PETER EISENMANN (Checkerboard Films) and AFTER THE CUP (Variance Films). Rachel has also worked as an editor on nonfiction programming for A&E, History and MTV and she is proud to be a board member of the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship. Originally from Boston, Rachel received a BFA from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

(Screening alongside ONE OCTOBER at Maysles Cinema)
Angelo J. Guglielmo, 2017, 10 min
Pioneering NYC artist, Gwyneth Leech, enters a midtown art studio only to find that her skyline view will soon be blocked by the construction of a high-rise hotel. But as the perspective out her window permanently shifts, so does the artist's point of view.

Maysles Cinema, at MDC, founded by the late documentary filmmaker and pioneer Albert Maysles (1926-2015) in 2008, is dedicated to the exhibition and discussion of documentary films. The Cinema is committed to a democratic experience, one where filmmakers are asked to attend the screenings of their work, and audiences have the opportunity to actively engage the films, subjects in the films, experts, and each other in post-screening forums. Coupled with our scheduled programming, we encourage the programming participation of local social and cultural organizations to deepen community involvement and provide exposure for under-represented social issues and overlooked artists and their work.

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